Architectural scale model offices with the latest technology

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Are you looking for an interactive Architectural scale model with the latest technology

The recent developments in various industrial sectors undoubtedly affected the  Architectural scale model industry, which has become characterized by more development.

How does technology contribute to the development of  the architectural scale model? 

Despite the large number of architectural models  and Maquettes offices, finding an office that provides the service of implementing interactive models with the latest technology may not be an easy task.

One of the most prominent offices that has been able to provide a distinguished service with a high level of technology is KH for Maquattes and architectural models.

 The company is one of the most important models offices that seek to add the technological dimension to reach an interactive architectural scale  model of the highest levels of efficiency and quality.

Technology in the implementation of interactive scale models:

 Technology is relied on in many stages, starting with..

 Slicing stage:

The materials are cut using high quality laser machines.

At that stage, attention is paid to the accuracy of the measurements to produce a very accurate architecture scale model, with attention to all the technical and creative details of the project. 

printing stage:

Some details are used by 3D printing machines to show many subtle details that are difficult to implement with laser technology.

 remote control

The lighting of the model is connected by remote control, which contributes to the customer’s control of the model during the presentation to the customers.

 Interactive 3d models offices depend on connecting the maquette and the control unit to it via software linked to a tablet device that is easy for the customer to control remotely.

lighting system:

 The finest imported LEDs and wires are used to light all design details. From the general site through the blocks, buildings and swimming pools to the sea and water bodies are fully illuminated. 

In short, technology enters every stage of maquette implementation. Your reliance on interactive architectural scale model companies that use modern technological technologies guarantees you a final product that you can rely on in marketing your project.

How to make interactive scale models in KH?

KH is one of the most important offices of interactive Architecture models with the latest technological technologies. 

The manufacturing process in the company is carried out through several stages:

  •  Before contracting with the client:

The company is interested in holding meetings with the client that enable the work team to identify his vision for the implementation of the maquette.

 The company is flexible in recognizing and implementing the customer’s requirements without prejudice to the basic standards for the implementation of the maquette.

kH  The best architectural model making company is interested in providing the service to its customers from different countries, so the flexibility in contracting with the customer remotely enables the company to expand its services outside the headquarters in Cairo to cooperate with everyone, especially with the possibility of shipping to allover the world.

  • After contract:

We will provide The technology that enables the customer to control the scale model remotely so that he can rely on it as a marketing model that shows the project itself. 

If you wish to contract with companies  of interactive  architectural scale models with the latest technology and high quality with The best price, there is no way for you except  KH for Engineering Arc model and Maquettes. 

Contact us now. We offer our services to you wherever you are.

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