the best architectural model making companies

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Do you want to know the best architectural model making companies? Do you have a real estate or commercial project and would like to market it through an architecture model and use the model for sale purposes?

Then you are in the right place. Let’s get to know the KH company for architectural model making and the most important advantages that it offers to its customers.


 The best architectural model making companies:

Despite the large number of companies making architectural maquettes, many of these companies may not be qualified to provide a good service that makes you able to rely on high-quality maquettes that highlight all the details of the design of your project.

One of the best architectural machining companies is KH Company for architectural Models.

Perhaps the most important characteristic of this company is:

  • Follow successive stages of the architectural model making process so that each group of the work team takes over a stage with all its details for a higher quality.
  • Relying on a group of the best experts in the field of machining, with accumulated experience spanning 15 years.
  • The best materials are used to craft each piece. Continuous research and development of all equipment in order for the company to raise the level of its services to a high degree of excellence.

All these reasons made KH one of the best architectural model making companies.


Materials used to make architectural models in KH:

Before we talk about the materials used in the manufacture of maquettes at KH for architectural models and Maquettes, we would like to assure you that the stages of architectural model making work in the company are all done in a regular sequence, which is:

Individual design stage:

which is carried out by the best computers at the hands of a specialized team.

Cutting and printing stage: 

through 3D printing and laser cutting machines.

painting stage:

The maquette parts are painted in suitable colors that can withstand bright temperatures.

The installation stage:

All parts of the maquette are arranged and installed accurately.

The stage of lighting and technological techniques:

in which the company relies on the finest wires and LED bulbs.

The carpentry stage: 

in which the wooden base and table are designed from premium counter wood.

These successive stages are carried out by a team of technicians and engineers who have great experience in this field, and perhaps what contributes to making the company one of the best architectural models companies is the materials it depends on.


Materials for manufacturing architectural models:

As for the manufacturing materials, they are a group of the best materials that are carefully selected:

General site plastic acrylic whose thickness varies with application sites.

counter wood, which is relied upon to manufacture the wooden base and table.

Excellent wood for the manufacture of the shipping box for the maquette to ensure its safety during the transportation process.

Your choice of KH  the best architectural Model making companies means that you have chosen the best architectural companies.

It will make you able to present your architectural or commercial project with excellent quality and participate in exhibitions and conferences that make your customers more convinced of what you offer and more motivated to make a purchase decision even before implementation.

What are you waiting for, contact us now to request the Engineering Arc model with  High-quality service and The best price.


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