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The importance of architectural model for the architecture models makers because it translates  his ideas and perceptions about what he aspires to implement on the ground, by relying on the necessary materials, tools and techniques used in making a engineering arc model that visually embodies the form of the work to communicate his idea and present it to the public.

 How can the architecture models makers design the engineering arc model?

KH company believes that any model is an essential part of any project. The importance of making architectural models lies in the following:

  • Communicating the designer’s idea through a three-dimensional model with specific aspects that simulate the building to be implemented.
  • Design is more accurate to overcome all possible fault factors in the future.
  • Having a full-copied model suitable for actual implementation saves time and money, and thus speeds up the completion of the project.

That is why it is necessary to rely on specialized architecture models makers capable of producing accurate and professional architectural models without any factors of error.

We at KH famous model makers for architectural models provide our services to our customers with 15 years of experience in the world of architecture With the implementation of a total area of ​​400 square meters of models in  less than one year.

The designs  of the architectural models in recent years have developed in the science of design through the use of two-dimensional and 3d scale model designs.

We can not neglect the importance of technology and its contribution to the development of this work and make it more accurate, but we can not rely on virtual designs and look at a flat screen only, the model remains the best, especially if it is made as the architecture models makers imagine the actual project.

 We can summarize the stages of making practical architectural models as the following:

  • Planning that makes us able to visualize the manufacturing process realistically.
  • Choosing the appropriate materials and tools between (foam boards, cardboard, glossy papers, adhesive tape, and glue) Cutting the materials in precise dimensions to reach the most accurate architectural model.
  • Choosing the interior design that suits the architectural models such as furniture and windows.
  • The natural complements of: trees, cars, green spaces, people, simply everything that gives the figure a real look.
  • Choose the form of lighting and how to distribute it.
  • The cover design of the model is usually glass or transparent plastic.
  • All of these foundations are taken care of by KH Architecture models makers when executing any model, relying on the latest technologies to implement the most high-quality and perfect models.
  • KH company for engineering arc models has implemented a large set of architectural maquettes between tourist villages, commercial and administrative buildings, government and residential buildings. Check out our previous work from here.

We follow a set of basic principles to complete all our projects:

  • Flexibility in design.
  • Ease and simplicity of design.
  • understandability by customers.
  • Balance between volume and space.

We seek to provide our services with the utmost quality and perfection, relying on our experts of

architecture models makers using the latest technological means, with an interest in achieving

the difficult equation to combine an excellent level of service and an appropriate cost.

You can contact us for:

  • Implementation of an engineering arc model.
  • Make a video of the project.
  • Implementation of augmented reality technology.
  • Interactive models with the latest technology.

This is in addition to providing free technical support, packaging, transportation, installation and maintenance of the model.

You can learn more about the company from here. We are always happy to have more clients join our list of customers and enjoy with the best price ever. We are waiting for your contact with us to build a new partnership with new customers.

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