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Many are looking for architectural models with high quality architectural model supplies, because of it’s great importance in helping the designer see his design in the form of a three-dimensional representation. 

KH company for Architectural and Engineering Arch models: 

KH is one of the best work companies in Cairo, and will answer your questions  about what are the architectural model supplies and manufacturing.

We at KH Models believe that the architectural model is a three-dimensional representation of the proposed

building design, and through micro-architectural models you can see the size and design.

Despite the creativity of designers in making architectural models manually, we have added a technological dimension to the models.

Computer technology makes a more accurate 3D architectural model, based on the best architectural model supplies and according to organized steps.

High-tech Architectural model supplies:

There are a lot of materials used by companies for making engineering arch models, for example: 

  • Cardboard  is easy to cut and apply with adhesives.
  •  Wood: It is usually balsa wood, which is a common material used by architectural models companies. 
  • Cork: It is a material used in making elaborate architectural models as a result of the flexibility of cork and its ease of application.
  •  Metal: It is one of the materials for building structures and architectural models, because it helps to show the finishes on the model, and one of the most famous metals used in the architectural model is aluminum or copper.

However, at KH for architectural and Engineering Arc model, we use the finest architectural model

supplies  that produce a model according to the highest quality standards. 


  • Acrylic in different thicknesses from 1 mm to 3 mm in the general body. 
  • Acrylic with a thickness of between 2 mm to 5 mm in blocks and buildings. 
  • All materials used withstand bright temperatures up to 30 ° C.


The wooden parts for the model are made of the highest quality and in aesthetic forms that suit the design,

provided that it is painted in an appropriate color.

The materials for manufacturing wooden tables and  shipping boxes: 

First the wooden table: 

We rely on the finest types of counter wood suitable for this purpose. The height of the table according to the customer’s request is between 70 and 80 cm

Second, shipping boxes: 

We don’t forget the importance of shipping boxes that keep the best architectural model from destruction,

and make it easy to be transported. Each step of making the model is carried out according to accurate measurements and dimensions.

 KH Models, as one of the most important architectural and engineering designs companies, we prefer to

introduce technology into the way we work Because this is more useful to produce more accurate models

that fit our customer’s needs.

We also rely on a team of the most skilled technicians and engineers. Who have accumulated experience in the manufacture of architectural models up to 15 years with high-quality architectural model supplies

You can rely on the KH Models team to implement all types of models, for instance with  accurate interior design and with a video film for the project. 

You can  use it for marketing purposes, we always welcome your contact with us and are ready to provide free consultations to all our customers.

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